Meet our Team

We divide our internal structure into functional groups to increase efficiency and make sure we allocate our attention and resources in the best way possible to increase our organizational value.


Executive Board

Our Executive Board is responsible for the overall management of the club and establishing our long term goals and objetives.


Francisco Avides Moreira

Executive Vice President

Tomás Reis Vaz

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made of former executives and external directors tasked with reviewing other committees actions and help representing our organization in the community.

Senior Vice President

Catarina Ferreira

Senior Advisors

 Maria Guise                 Inês Meireles              Inês Menezes

Strategic Board

Our strategic Board manages the day to day operations of the departments and reports to the Executive Board.

Head Corporate Relations

Diogo Pereira

Head Education

Francisco Mota

Head Human Resources

Filipa Ribeiro

Head Marketing

Pedro Ribeiro